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I am a corporate and IP lawyer, not a academic english essay professional photographer. Although I have many interests – professionally certified sommelier, restaurateur and chef, bicyclist and marathoner – photography is my main passion, having practiced it avidly for the last 42 years, and I am just 47.



PhaseOne video reel


I also love contemporary art, but I argument essay thesis statement am not an artist. I have some projects in mind that I will probably post on this website soon, but these first photographs are the simple, straightforward shots I took during a recent one-week trip through Yosemite, Sequoia and Death Valley National Parks in California in November 2012. Phase academic writing essay One (the terrific digital backs, camera and software pro company) asked me to take these pictures to showcase what an amateur can do with the right tools. So we are talking about craftsmanship, and nothing else.

I am pleased with the results and felt this argumentation and persuasion essay was the right moment to set up my website, to share them.  If you would like to print any picture up to an A3 size, please send me an email request and I will send you the file to do so by yourself. If you would like larger a classification essay prints, I am happy to print and send them with the pricing to be determined, depending on the size, finishing and shipping.


More postings will follow, with additional depth and breath.


For now, that’s all.

Just pics.